There is a lot to learn!

  There is so much to learn about the Black Russian Terrier. It’s important to meet one in person before falling in love with the breed. They are wonderful, smart, and thoughtful dogs. Breeders should be forthcoming about health tests and health problems. It’s not all about the “look” of the dog, but also about soundness in body and mind. Think about what you want to do with your dog? Ask about food allergies and digestive problems. Remember the breed is quite “new” in terms of time in the United States, health testing, and genetic testing.  Learn all you can about the breed, and then choose a breeder whose philosophies on puppy raising most closely align with your expectations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. And remember to be patient. The better breeders will have a waiting list for puppies. Taking your time to select just the right breeder may save a lot of money and heartache in the long run.

Below are some videos that may help you to understand the breed and a bit more about breed health.

DOGUMENTARY TV: The Black Russian Terrier

Check out this great video about the Black Russian Terrier

Health for Black Russian Terriers

The "need to know" health information for  Black Russian Terriers.

How to search the OFA databse.

Do you know how to search the OFA database?  Here is a short tutorial on navigating public health information.

Health screenings by breed.


Tutorial on how to look up health screenings by breed, CHIC numbers, and how to read an OFA number.

What is a vertical pedigree?

Tutorial on how to use the vertical pedigree feature in the OFA database.